Solo Brathuke So Better Review and Rating, Hit or Flop Talk

Solo brathuke so better review and rating theprimetalks
Solo Brathuke So Better Review and Rating theprimetalks

Sai Dharam Tej‘s Solo Brathuke So Better is the first Telugu A-lister to hit the silver screens since March this year and the entire film industry came forward to support the film and encourage the audience to go back to theatres. Can Solo Brathuke So Better end what has been a tough and challenging year on a good note by entertaining the movie-goers? Here is what we have to say after watching the film. Here Check out Solo Brathuke So Better Review, Rating, Story, Hit or Flop Talk. 

Solo Brathuke So Better Movie Story:

Virat (Sai Dharam Tej) lives by the principle Solo Bratuke So Better. He wishes to live free and exercise his constitutional rights to enjoy the freedom to the fullest instead of being bogged down by relationships and marriage. Virat takes inspiration from R Narayanamurthy and intends to stay single all his life and his uncle (Rao Ramesh) encourages him to stay this way.


After graduation, Virat moves to Hyderabad as gets a job in an event management company. Incidentally, Amrutha (Nabha Natesh) who is set to tie the knot with Vennela Kishore cancels the marriage at the last minute, saying she is in love with Virat. The rest of the story unveils who Amrutha is, and why she proposed to Virat, who is against relationships and marriage. Does Virat change his stand on marriage? What role does Amrutha play in Virat’s life? You need to watch Solo Bratuke So Better movie if you are to know the answers.

Solo brathuke so better review and rating
Solo brathuke so better review and rating

Solo Brathuke So Better Review:

Debutant director Subbu attempts to tell a tale that is light-hearted, almost a satire on those who believe that relationships are a waste of time with Solo Brathuke So Better And while the Solo Brathuke So Better film revolves around a man whose aim in life is to make others understand why it is better to lead a solo life, the Solo Brathuke So Better movie shies away from delving deep into why he feels this way. Solo Brathuke So Better really is a film of two halves. While the opening hour is fun-filled and keeps the viewer entertained, the second half is bland, routine, and least bit engaging almost fun watch that is nostalgic of a time before the pandemic hit, that doesn’t leave you feeling heavy.

Solo Brathuke So Better Movie Verdict: 

Overall, Solo Brathuke So Better about a guy who decides to stay a bachelor for the rest of his life with everything including the romance, comedy, and family emotions failing to click. Watch it this weekend if you’ve missed the big screen.

Solo Brathuke So Better Movie Rating: 3/5.

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