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Snakepedia App Provides useful info on Snakes

Sankepedia Android App has all the information required around the variety of snakes found in Kerala in the forms of podcasts, info-graphics, images, videos etc.


Snakepedia App which was launched on the Google Play Store on February 4 is already trending. The Snakepedia app gives information about different types of snakes in Kerala and the basic first aid for snakebite. Within 3 days, over 10,000 people downloaded the application and the Snakepedia app was given a rating of 4.9. An online helpline has been introduced in the app to identify the snakes. Though Malayalam is the main language used in the app, information and podcasts are available in English as well.

All features of the Snakepedia app except for the podcasts and online helpline are available offline. A group of science enthusiasts and nature lovers including Dr. P S Jinesh, Naveen Lal, K Ramachandran (TypeIt), Sandeep Das, Umesh Pavukandi, and Abhilash Chacko worked behind the development of this mobile application. Over 100 types of snakes that belong to 72 species in 12 families found in Kerala are introduced in the app. More than 675 pictures of large snakes are included in it.

The photographs were taken by over 130 people from within and outside the state. The service of the doctors in the Info Clinic was utilized for preparing the app. First aid and treatment for snakebite, superstitions about snakes, ask expert, hospitals to treat snakebite and other details can be read in detail here.

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