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Sin Telugu Web Series Online Streaming on Aha.video

Sin Web Series About Caught in emotional turmoil over an abusive marriage and husband's affair.


Watch Sin Telugu Web Series Online in HD Quality Streaming on Aha. Sin Web Series Starring Thiruveer, Deepti Sati, and Jeniffer Piccinato in the lead roles. Even though everyone is relatively a newcomer, it looks like they have given promising performances. Their efforts are quite visible in the teaser itself. We don’t really see films dealing with domestic violence in Telugu.

Sin Telugu Web Series Story About Caught in an emotional turmoil over an abusive marriage and husband’s extramarital affair, will a woman’s love triumph over a man’s lust? Inspired by the series “Hello” on Hoichoi, A story that hugs your heart. (Locked Web Series)

This is a bold step by the makers to come up with such a subject for the Telugu audiences. The Producer Sharath Marar has bankrolled Sin Telugu Web Series under his banner Northstar Entertainments. Sidhartha Sadasivuni has composed the music for it. Sid Jay and Azeem Mohamed have handled the cinematography. Sin Telugu Web Series Season 1 Has Seven Episodes. (Aha Login)

Sin Telugu Web Series Review:

Sin Web Series Episode 1 (First Time) – Nandita’s life is about to change as she gets married to Anand. After a lot of planning and fights at home, Nina finally lands in India and gets nostalgic as she visits her childhood home. An awful incident uncovers Anand’s real character. What does life have in store for Nandita?

Sin Web Series Episode 2 (The Blood Trail): A shy and enthusiastic Nandita finds herself starry-eyed and hopeful over her marriage with Anand. Meanwhile, a horrifying and demeaning incident reveals the true nature of her relationship with Anand.

Sin Web Series Episode 3 (The Trip): An official visit to the village gets Anand and Nina closer than ever. Meanwhile, Nandita finds herself constantly feeling like someone is watching her. Despite knowing that Anand is married, Nina decides to initiate advances. Will Anand give in to his lustful tendencies?

Sin Web Series Episode 4 (Madness): Office rumors spread like wildfire, Anand, and Nina are teased and questioned by inquisitive colleagues. Another terrifying occurrence and an MMS video leave Nandita paranoid and heartbroken.

Sin Web Series Episode 5 (Feelings): Nina finds herself in a hopeless position as she realizes her feelings for Anand. Meanwhile, Nandita finds a shocking revelation about Anand and decides to confront him. Will Anand land himself in a dilemma yet again? Who will he choose?

Sin Web Series Episode 6 (master-plan): Anand finds himself immersed in thoughts about Nina and confesses loving her. Losing every shred of hope, Nandita cries, looking at the MMS. After yet another confrontation and Anand’s constant accusations of Nandita cheating, she takes a drastic step.

Sin Web Series Online Episode 7 (The Truth): Anand’s cold and demeaning behavior leave Nandita dejected. She storms out and decides to leave Anand. Anand confesses to his degrading action but is hysterical when he uncovers an appalling truth about his marriage.

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