Shocking Virat Kohli Kicking Anushka Sharma’s Butt Is Going Viral ! A fake picture of Virat Kohli kicking Anushka’s butt is going viral Now!

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Bollywood is that we’re a little too involved in it. We take our movies seriously and our stars even more. So obviously there was a huge reaction from fans when the reports of Anushka Sharma‘s break up with Virat Kohli started doing the rounds. One of the reactions was the creation of a ridiculous photo by, I’m assuming, a fan, that shows Virat Kohil kicking Anushka’s butt viral .

Check It Out …!!!
Virat Kohil for an old Flying Machine ad.. image

These are the original photos: Anushka for Vogue ’14…

The fake poster is going viral on internet and that makes me really sad. Like, it’s not bad enough that the couple isn’t going to enjoy much privacy in their trying times thanks to the media. This is in real poor taste!