Shocking: Anchor Rashmi Gautam Slapped Rajeev Kanakala ?

Anchor Rashmi Gautam Slapped Rajeev Kanakala: Anchor Rashmi Gautam is news again. This is time around she seems to be in news for wrong reasons. She slapped senior actor Rajiv Kanakala. This was revealed by none other than Rajiv Kanakala himself. He posted a picture of his face with marks of the slap and wrote underneath that Rahmi has beaten her. He said. “My position after Rahmi Gautam’s attack in Charuseela.
 What is this Rashmi ji..??? Somebody ask her what is this?”.
The actor had asked Rashmi Gautam as to why she did this. He also asked his frends and followers to pose the same question to the sexy actor.  He, however did not talk about much as to when was the incident took place. Both Rashmi and Rajiv are acting in their upcoming Charuseela Movie.  Rajiv did not reveal whether the slap by Rashmi was part of the film they are together or it took place in real life. The fans of Rashmi are scratching their heads now.