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Shit Happens Telugu Web Series Watch Online
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Watch Shit Happens Telugu Web Series All Episodes Streaming Online at Aha Originals. Shit Happens Web Series Starring Sri Harsha Chemudu, Sameer Malla, Sanjjanna Galrani, Tarun Shetty, Prudhvi Raj and Directed by Prasanth Kumar Dimmala. Shit Happens Web Series Story of three college friends Viva Harsha, Sameer, and Sathvik and their desperate quest to get laid. So unlucky they are with girls that they are named a ‘dry batch’ by their classmates referring to their virginity.

Their Sanskari parents contribute to their reputation, finding excuses to keep the boys away from the romantic interests they bring to their houses. What’s worse? They are terrible in initiating a conversation with women. But whatever it is, they’re eager to prove their friends wrong and hire a hooker to satiate their lust, only to find her dead at their home. What’s the way forward?


Shit Happens Telugu Web Series Review:

Shit Happens Web Series Episode 1 (Hooker??): The College buddies Harsha, Sameer, and Sathvik realize on their convocation day that they haven’t lived life fully. They decide to take the wild route of hiring a hooker to officially come of age!

Shit Happens Web Series Episode 2 (Shit Happened): The trio is exploring ways to hire a hooker. Harsha’s cousin gives them tips on how to do it. They succeed, but the hooker unexpectedly dies.

Shit Happens Web Series Episode 3 (Escaped): A plan is being hatched to escape from the complex scenario. Harsha, Sameer, and Sathvik manage to sneak out with the hooker’s body, which they plan to dispose of.

Shit Happens Web Series Episode 4 (Jaammmmm): On their way to dispose of the dead body, the three friends are stopped by a cop who asks them for a lift. They stop at a Dhaba for a break and the police unexpectedly drive away with the hooker in the car!

Shit Happens Telugu Web Series Episode 5 (Chalo Bangkok): The policeman crashes the car that he ran away with and is afraid that he has killed the hooker. But the three friends arrive at unwittily confessing of their crime. The police immediately start blackmailing them and unexpected things shock everyone.