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Samsung First HKMG-Based 512GB DDR5 Memory

Samsung Develops Industry’s First HKMG-Based DDR5 Memory with 512GB capacity while doubling the speed of DDR4.


Samsung First HKMG-Based 512GB DDR5 Memory: Samsung Electronics, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of memory chips, has announced the launch of their First 512GB DDR5 Memory that is based on High-K Metal Gate (HKMG) process technology. It boasts twice the speed of performance of DDR4 at up to 7200 Mbps and is designed for high-bandwidth applications such as supercomputing, artificial intelligence, etc.

Thanks to the use of HKMG technology, which was traditionally used in logic semiconductors, Samsung’s new DDR5 module consumes approximately 13% less power while offering a boost in performance. It leverages through-silicon via (TSV) technology, stacking eight layers of 16Gb DRAM chips for a total capacity of 512GB. Samsung is currently sampling these new DDR5 modules to various customers in the data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and supercomputing space.

Samsung introduces 512GB DDR5 module with HKMG process technology
Samsung First HKMG-Based 512GB DDR5 Memory

Commenting on the launch, Young-Soo Sohn, Vice President of the DRAM Memory Planning/Enabling Group at Samsung Electronics said: Samsung is the only semiconductor company with logic and memory capabilities and the expertise to incorporate HKMG cutting-edge logic technology into memory product development. By bringing this type of process innovation to DRAM manufacturing, we are able to offer our customers high-performance, yet energy-efficient memory solutions to power the computers needed for medical research, financial markets, autonomous driving, smart cities, and beyond.

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