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Samantha Akkineni Revealed Naga Chaitanya Bedroom Secret


Samantha Akkineni Revealed Naga Chaitanya Bedroom Secret: Actress Samantha Akkineni opened up about a bedroom secret of her husband Naga Chaitanya on Lakshmi Manchu’s new chat show Feet Up with the Stars, which started online streaming on Voot. In a candid conversation with Lakshmi Manchu, Samantha Akkineni spoke about her life after her marriage with Naga Chaitanya. She said that her hubby has become very matured after the wedding. Samantha said, “He has become more responsible as an actor. When he was like 23 or 24 during the Ye Maya Chesave, he was quite innocent.”

Samantha Akkineni added, “Being Nagarjuna’s son, his world was opposite of mine. He was a closed and a cushioned world. So his understanding of success and failure was very different. But now, he’s become very responsible and his decision-making process has become very mature.”

Lakshmi Manchu asked about three new things, she added in the bedroom after marrying Naga Chaitanya. Samantha Akkineni shied and burst into laughter. The host asked her further whether she hugs him and sleeps.

Replying to her, Samantha Akkineni said, “Chay is married to a pillow. If we’ve to hug, the pillow is going to be here (between them) and then we hug. (She burst into laughter again). He is going to kill me for this. We should stop here. We’re done enough! I’ve told you a lot.”

Akkineni family has several members and it has a connection with Daggubati family, which is another leading family from the Telugu film industry. When asked about the pressure from these families, Sam said, “To be very frank, this I swear to god no one pressurized me into anything.”

Samantha Akkineni added, “Usually, people subconsciously worry before posting a photo online or tweeting something or before taking up a role like the one in Super Deluxe for example. It was shocking for many. Both the families are like friends and are so open with their children’s decision-making process and treat them like adults, who are capable of making their own decisions. There isn’t any pressure.” Samantha Akkineni Revealed Naga Chaitanya Bedroom Secret.

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