Rojulu Marayi Telugu Movie Review Rating Hit or Flop Talk !

Rojulu Marayi Review: The Latest Rojulu Marayi is a Telugu Movie starring Chetan Maddineni, Kruthika, Parvatheesam and Tejaswi as the main characters. Rojulu Marayi is a romantic family entertainer that can be watched by all kind of audiences. Maruthi and Dil Raju has presented a good movie. Every one are familiar with actress Tejaswi, as she was seen as supporting artist in earlier films.Rojulu Marayi Movie is a romantic entertainer. Let us Rojulu Marayi full Review Rating .


Rojulu Marayi Movie Cast and Crew :

Director :Murali Krishna Mudidani
Music Director :JB
Producer :G Sriniwasa Kumar
Cast :Chetan Maddineni, Parvateesam,Tejaswi,Kruthika
Released Date :01 July 2016
Rating : 2.5/5

Rojulu Marayi Story : Rojulu Marayi Movie is about two boys Peter(Chetan Maddineni) and Ashwath(Parvatheesam), and two girls Rambha (Tejaswi) and Aadhya (Kruthika) who are modern and independent. Aadhya and Rambha are romantically pursued by Peter and Ashwath, but these two girls have a different plan altogether.
They want to marry someone rich boys and settle down in the US and to do so, these two girls hatch a plan to use Peter and Ashwath. Upon the advice of their hostel mate, they meet a sadhu who tells them something important.Rambha and Aadhya immediately get married to Peter and Ashwath, and a few days later, Peter and Ashwath are found dead. What happened to them? Who killed them each? What precisely did the sadhu inform them is what bureaucracy the real crux of the Story..

Analysis: First half of RojuluMarayi film has been wonderful in the entertaining of but the film lacks the wished interesting narration. It has been quite predictable throughout but the hilarious comedy makes the movie passable. songs are decent and on the whole the first half has been impressive. The second half of the film is the major spoiler as the film fails to recreate the magic. The entire second half has been dragged and stressful sufficient. RojuluMarayi is quite predictable and it kills the hobby inside the target audience. The undesirable episodes make RojuluMarayi fall flat on the entire.

Performances: Parvatheesam tops the display together with his lively performance in the movie. He has been stupendous all through and is the important highlight of the film. Tejaswi has been energetic, glamorous and electrifying in the assigned role. Chetan makes an impressive debut and his role has been restrained. Kruthika has been first rate and he or she had sufficient scope to perform. all the different actors had been decent with their assignments.

Indiantalks Rojulu Marayi Rating – 2.5/5

Final Verdict: The RojuluMarayi film that has an engaging first half but the film dips down drastically because of the predictable and outdated second half. A movie that can be skipped.Rojulu Marayi movie though routine entertains to some extent .

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