Yash aka Rocky Bhai KGF 2 Machine Gun Memes Make Your Day

Yash aka rocky bhai kgf 2 machine gun memes
KGF 2 Machine Gun Memes

The teaser of KGF Chapter 2 hit online As promised by Hombale Films, the KGF 2 teaser came on the birthday of KGF actor Yash aka Rocky Bhai. The short video is high on action, style and Yash looks unstoppable. Fans of Yash are raving about the KGF Chapter 2 Teaser. There is one scene where Yash blows off a row of cars with a machine gun.


After that, he lights up his cigarette with the barrel of the gun. The scene is turning out to be an iconic one on social media and Going Viral. Everywhere it is getting huge reactions. Here are some of the best funny memes we have seen so far on KGF 2 Yash aka Rocky Bhai Machine Gun Memes will Make Your Day!.

KGF 2 Yash aka Rocky Bhai Machine Gun Memes

Rocky Bhai Machine Gun Memes

We can see those meme makers are on the job. In the KGF film, Yash plays the role of Rocky Bhai who heads back to the Kolar Gold Fields on an assignment. Finally, he terminates the evil regime of Garuda who runs the Narachi camp where labourers toil to mine gold. 

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