Ringing Bells Announced Cash on Delivery For 25 lakh Freedom251 Phones

Freedom251 Cash on Delivery: The Ringing Bells announced that the Freedom 251 smartphone would be sold for just Rs 251, the entire country and the smartphone industry were taken by surprise. Well, everyone is still thinking about how the company can actually make, sell and gain profits from a smartphone that will be sold for under $4. 

Freedom 251: Cash on Deliverypayment option now available for the Rs 251 smartphone :

The company has announced that this smartphone is basically aimed towards the ‘aam aadmi’ who are particularly at the extremely low end of the pyramid. Those who cannot afford regular smartphones will be able to now latch on to the internet and be connected. The aim was to have every individual in the country connected via a smartphone and the internet. 

Ringing Bells also made an announcement via certain media interviews that eve after selling the smartphones for mere Rs 251, they will still see a profit of Rs 31 per handset. The main profits will not come from the device itself as the manufacturing cost of the same is more than Rs 2,500 per handset. The source of income is via ‘economies of scale’ and making more income from their website by using it as a platform for selling other devices from other companies.

However, after facing a lot of heat from the government, mobile industry and the netizens, Ringing Bells announced that the Freedom 251 would see light of day and will now offer cash on delivery. Their Facebook page announced that they would accept cash on delivery of the said handset as against using a payment gateway and will issue the first 25 lakh handset registrations initially.

Freedom 251: Ringing Bells announces cash-on-delivery for 25 lakh phones :

Ringing Bells has chosen the ‘cash on delivery’ mode in order to ensure further transparency and clear any misgivings. The company will ‘hand out’ the first batch of 25 lakh smartphones from June 30, 2016.

What more is expected? Will the company roll out their smartphones in time? Will they manage to sell the smartphones at the amount stated and make sufficient profits too? End of June will announce the fate of Ringing Bells.