RGV’s PowerStar Movie Review and Rating

RGVs PowerStar Movie Review
RGVs PowerStar Movie Review

RGV’s PowerStar Movie Review: Finally, PowerStar Full Movie Online Released and currently streaming on RGV World Theatre. It’s available on a pay-per-view model. Here’s RGV’s PowerStar movie review to tell you what to expect from the web-film. For the uninitiated, Power Star is a satire on Pawan Kalyan, whose plunge into politics has been a disaster in recent times.

PowerStar Movie Story: Power Star is nothing but a 37-minute-long satire, based on the life of Pawan Kalyan after he lost his elections. The PowerStar film starts with the character of Prawan Kalyan feeling disgusted after his loss in the prestigious elections. He meets a series of characters that represent people like his star mega brother, ex AP CM, a journalist, and finally, the surprise entry of Ram Gopal Varma himself who speaks to Prawan Kalyan and tells him what went wrong and what kind of a fan actually he is of him. How all this is showcased is the rest of the story.


RGV’s PowerStar Movie Review: The PowerStar film begins with the camera focusing on a portrait of Che Guevara, a favorite of actor-turned-politician Pawan Kalyan. And, in the last minutes, it has a character treating the portrait with some disrespect. Through the two moments, perhaps, director Ram Gopal Varma wants to symbolically project the Jana Sena Party’s eventual ‘disregard’ for the Communist revolutionary.

As expected, Powerstar is a pale attempt and offers nothing. Some of the episodes will impress the anti-fans of Pawan Kalyan. Ram Gopal Varma (RGV) wanted to present the weaknesses of Manasena Party Chief Prawan Kalyan who trusted CBN along with the speeches of TS. The PowerStar film is made targeting the people around the Prawan Kalyan and how he was misled by these. RGV presents himself as the biggest fan of Prawan Kalyan and starts preaching him about the future.

PowerStar Movie Verdict: Overall, Ram Gopal Varma tried to give his advice to Pawan Kalyan through the web film like how he usually does it using Twitter. Just like his tweets, he threw some advice to Pawan Kalyan in the web film, in the last segment of the web-film. On the whole, it is a harmless web film and at the same time, not worth our time. Ram Gopal Varma is successful in creating hype and drawing crowds to his power star film.

PowerStar Movie Rating: 2.5/5.

RGVs PowerStar Movie Rating
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rgvs-powerstar-movie-reviewPower Star is nothing but a 37-minute-long satire, based on the life of Pawan Kalyan after he lost his elections.