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Ravi Teja Given Strong Reply on Trolls



Recently, Tollywood Actor Ravi Teja found himself harshly trolled by social media for his absence during the funeral of his brother Bharath Raju and the actor stayed mum about the incident. He has been cornered with all sort of advice and even the actor attending the shooting next day has become a sensation on the social media.

The actor after taking so much in responded finally to all the troll and advice he is receiving over the days. The actor said, “I am close to my brother and we shared each other’s happiness and distress over the years as a close-knit family. My kids call my brothers also as Dad and being the elder son I had to take care of my parents who are too old to digest such news and also console my young kids who were devastated.
“I had to put up a brave front as looking at me breaking down my mother can never become normal who has gone into a deep shock with all the accident. Her trauma cannot be imagined and I have a weakness that I cannot see a dead body. However close they are to me I cannot watch it. So, we sent our younger brother Raghu to look after the things. It was my father’s brother who performed the last rites and not some random person as few people suggested.
“I’m an actor and this is my profession. I can’t skip and sit at home while the producer loses money. I may need time to recover and because of me, I don’t want all the others to suffer as well. And one more thing, this is my life and I can decide how I’m supposed to live. Please, understand that before commenting.”

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