Rani Rudrama Devi 730th Death Anniversary observed in Nalgonda

Rani Rudrama Devi 730th Death Anniversary Observed In Nalgonda
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The Queen of the Kakatiya dynasty Rani Rudrama Devi 730th Death Anniversary observed near Chandupatla village of Nakrekal Mandal in the district on Wednesday. Nakrekal MLA Chirumarthi Lingaiah garlanded the statue of Rani Rudrama Devi at the ancient inscription, which was set up on the date of death of Rudrama Devi and paid tribute to her. He also laid the foundation stone for mini-park at the statue of Rudrama Devi, which was taken up with Rs 50,000 extended by Rajya Sabha Member of Parliament Joginapally Santhosh from his MPLADS Fund.

Speaking on the Rani Rudrama Devi 730th Death Anniversary occasion Nakrekal MLA Chirumarthi Lingaiah said that Rudrama Devi was not only a warrior but also a great administrator. It was mentioned in Chandupatla’s inscription that Rudrama Devi was killed in the war by Ambadevudu on November 27, 1289. He thanked members of the Vivekananda Youth Association, who brought the inscription into the light.


Vivekananda Youth Association distributed blankets to the old aged and exam pads to the students on the occasion. Nakrekal ZPTC Mada Dhana Lakshmi, MPTC E Lakshmi Venkanna, youth association president Kota Venkanna, and others were present.

Rudramadevi History: Rani Rudramadevi was born in 1262 CE. Her father Ganapatideva who is the founder of the Kakatiya Dynasty. She was one of the most prominent women rulers of the Kakatiya Dynasty in Indian History. Rudramadevi ruled the Kakatiya Dynasty from 1262 to 1295 CE.

Important Incidents in the life of Rani Rudrama Devi

  1. Many allied kingdoms didn’t accept her as their Queen, revolted against her but the queen suppressed every revolution and became a shield to Kakatiya territory.
  2. She married Veera Bhadra but their intimate life ended very early, the death of Veera Bhadra made her severe grief. (Rani Rudrama Devi 729th Death Anniversary)
  3. In 1280 Rudramadevi made her grandson Prataparudradeva as the Yuvaraja
  4. In 1285 the Yadavas, Cholas, and Hoysalas tried to conquer the Kakatiya Empire and wanted to annex in their Kingdoms. But the situation was oppressed successfully by Rani
  5. Rudrama Devi with the support of Prataparudradeva.
  6. Rani Rudramadevi constructed the Orugallu Fort. Some historians believe that Golkonda fort construction was started by her.
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