RAMU Motion Poster – A biopic of RGV part-1


RAMU Motion Poster Released out, RAMU is a biopic of Ram Gopal Varma and also a 1st Part among the 3 parts. This part- 1 is titles as RAMU. Each part of the biopic will be about various age periods and various phases of my Ram Gopal Varma. In this part – 1, apart from RGV’s college days, first loves and gang fights in Vijaywada, It will be about how RGV made SHIVA crossing all the hurdles. RAMU movie is directed by Dorasai Teja under Bommaku Creations. Interestingly, RGV is extending the support in writing the script and supervising the biopic.


On the RAMU Motion Poster, the film’s name Ramu is spelled in big letters consisting of words such as ‘Intelligent’, ‘Genius’, ‘Eccentric’, ‘Porn Lover’ and ‘Gutsy’ among other words. The RAMU Motion Poster released by the director is of the first part of his biopic. As per the director’s tweets from before, the film will be a three-part biopic. In a tweet about the same, RGV had written, “Each part of the 3 parts of my biopic will be around 2 hours in length with all 3 parts together being around 6 hours #RgvBiopic.”

The shooting of the Ramu Movie will be commencing in September. Ram Gopal Varma also revealed that every part of his biopic will deal with his various ‘age periods’ and ‘phases of his life’. As for the film’s casting, the director had written saying, “In PART 1 a new actor is playing me when I was 20 years old. A different actor will be playing in PART 2 and I will be playing Myself in part 3.”

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