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Rajinikanth Party Name and Symbol Registered


Superstar Rajnikanth made an announcement earlier this month that he is all set to launch his political party on December 31 and the party will be started in January 2021. The latest update is that Rajinikanth Party Name ‘Makkal Sevai Katchi’ Registered in the election commission and that they’ll contest with Auto rickshaw as their party symbol. Initially, the actor had reportedly registered Makkal Sakthi Kazhagam as the party name and had requested Baba mudra as the symbol but the election commission allotted an Auto rickshaw.

The ubiquitous three-wheeler popularly known only as “auto” in Tamil Nadu has a ready people’s connect since it is piloted mostly by those belonging to the working class and used by the middle class – Rajinikanth’s target groups. Most autorickshaw drivers have been Rajini fans, especially after the release of “Baasha” a movie in which he becomes an auto-driver in Chennai to live down his earlier avatar of a don from Mumbai only to be dragged back into the violent world.

Rajinikanth party name and symbol registered
Rajinikanth party name and symbol registered

Makkal Sakthi Kazhagam (MSK) had originally sought the symbol of a ‘two-finger pose’ which is represented by raised fore and small fingers while the thumb held down the other two fingers. The symbol, made famous by Rajinikanth’s other film “Baba”, was refused by the EC since it looked similar to the hand symbol of the Congress. So its second choice of autorickshaw was allotted and the party had also indicated in its application that it would be contesting all the 234 Assembly seats in Tamil Nadu.

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