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Shivalinga Movie Review: The Raghava Lawrence is coming back with yet another horror comedy Shivalinga Tamil Movie under the direction of P.Vasu. The movie is the remake of 2016 released Kannada movie with the same name. The Sivalinga or Shivalinga It is releasing in both the languages of Telugu and Tamil on this Friday, April 14th as Puthandu (Tamil New Year) festival special. Here is our review on Sivalinga Movie.

Shivalinga aka Sivalinga Tamil Movie Review
The Shivalinga Tamil Film Features Cast Raghava Lawrence, Ritika Singh, Shakthi, Vadivelu, Radharavi, Bhanupriya, Urvashi and Jayaprakash in Important Roles. Director Vasu after watching the original Kannada movie with the same name approached Rajinikanth to do the film as Chandramukhi sequel. However, Rajinikanth rejected the offer, and after some time Lawrence revealed that he is playing the lead role. Here is the Shivalinga Tamil full movie review:

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Shivalinga Movie Cast & Crew:

Movie Name: Shivalinga
Language: Telugu Dubbing
Genre: Horror Comedy
Cast: Raghava Lawrence, Ritika Singh, Shakthi, Vadivelu, etc
Director/Writer: P.Vasu
Producer: R.Ravindran
Music Director: S.S.Thaman
Release Date: 14/04/17

Shivalinga Movie Review & Story Plot:

The Shivalinga movie story revolves around a murder mystery which was closed as a case of suicide is reopened on grounds of suspicion and our hero, Raghava Lawrence, who plays a CID officer. The case takes a turn when his wife is possessed by a spirit. The hero’s wedding and the assignment coincide. His work-life balance gets messed up even as he tries to solve the case.
He is finally faced with a situation where he has to solve the case to save his wife. Nothing could beat that plot point where the suspense meets the scary.What follows next is the best part of the story.we have to watch the movie on the silver screen.

Sivalinga aka Shivalinga Movie Review: 

The Shivalinga is the suspense thriller genre movie.It is a Clean commercial entertainer. Families will definitely like this film. The first half is thoroughly Engaging & entertaining, wit the right mix of comedy & horror, Interesting investigating scenes. Vadivelu brings all his old tricks to the table and tries really hard to make us laugh. 

Shivalinga Movie Audience Review:

Sathish Kumar @sathishmsk: #Sivalinga It is Raghava Lawrence’s pattern horror comedy along with #Ritika, #Vadivelu & #Pigeon

Kaushik LM: #Sivalinga – #Vadivelu brings all his old tricks to the table and tries really hard to make us laugh. It’s easily better than Kaththi Sandai
Sidhu‏: #Sivalinga is more like a fourth installment in the Muni series. Will write more about it, time for #Kadamban now.
Nk Pallavi‏ @nkpallaviSri: #sivalinga 1st half so far thoroughly Engaging & entertaining, with the right mix of comedy & horror, Interesting investigating scenes.
Prashanth Rangaswamy‏ @itisprashanth: #Sivalinga Interval – Pakka commercial, the vadivelu we all love is back! So far so good. All set for a thrilling second half !!
#Sivalinga – Clean commercial entertainer. Families will definitely like it. A commercial winner from P. Vasu sir! Congrats !

Shivalinga Movie Cast Performance:

Raghava Lawrence played a convincible job as a strict CID officer. Actress Ritika Singh acted very well as Sathya. She portrayed the change of emotions in Sathya well and will scare the audience. Pradeep Rawat did an admirable job as Baba. Shakthi Vasudevan who played Raheem role in the original Kannada version played in Tamil version too. Vadivelu scenes are hilarious and relieve the tension growing in the movie.

Shivalinga Movie Technical Aspects:

P.Vasu Direction is appreciable. He executed all the emotions such as horror, comedy, suspense well. Cinematography by Sarvesh Murari is top notch. Though the movie is not entirely scary, it thrills the audience at some points. Music by S.S.Thaman is not at all helpful. Background score is just average.

Sivalinga aka Shivalinga Movie Rating – 3/5

Final Verdict: Finally, Raghava Lawrence’s Shivalinga is a thrilling ride for the audience who haven’t watched the original Kannada version.Sivalinga is more like a fourth installment in the Muni series of Raghava Lawrence.Watch Sivalinga aka Shivalinga best horror movie in recent times.
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