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PornHub Will Gives $ 25,000 For Uploading A Video


The PornHub, sarcastically the most favorite site of the youth around the globe. The website is popular for their adult content and has loyal user fan base. The Latest news is that PornHub is giving out $ 25,000 to one particularly talented young individual. Yes, you read it right.
PornHub has asked its viewers to submit a video showing how one can contribute towards world’s better future. Also, 1000+ words essay which showcases one’s leadership qualities and dedication to the world.


There are certain guidelines one’s have to follow to apply for the competition. These are:

  • The person should be above 18.
  • GPA (Grade Pont Average) should be higher than 3.2 and the person needs to be enrolled in a full-time college course.
  • It is still not clear that foreign students are allowed or not.

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