Pokemon Go Servers Hacked By OurMine Group

Pokemon Go Hacked : Niantic Rolled out Pokemon Go to 26 additional countries on Sunday 2016. With Pokemon Go releasing in Canada and other countries the servers went down so fast. This is what all of us know. But in a statement by hackers OurMine group , they claimed that Pokemon Go servers hacked by them. This is the reason Pokemon Go servers went offline on Sunday.


OurMine Team Hacked Pokemon Go Servers :

In the Pokemon Go server crash,Hacking collective OurMine may have also played a part. The OurMine group famous for infiltrating the social media accounts of Mark Zuckerberg, Sundar Pichai, and Jack Dorsey, among others—claimed responsibility for the popular game going offline on Sunday.
As an OurMine member told PCMag via email, the 3-person team is “just trying to protect companies servers. We wrote we will stop the attack if any staff talked with us, because we will teach them how to protect their servers,” the anonymous representative said.
This Hackers group has an intention that they were trying to make the technology better and making it easy to maintain the security of very popular games. Their intention is, if they don’t then someone will. This hack is just to make sure that they can provide the weaker zones for the game and even the celebrities accounts.