PM Narendra Modi Motivates Students with Slogan “Mann Ki Baat” 15 key Highlights

Mann Ki Baat episode of 2017: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the first Mann Ki Baat episode of 2017.The radio show was primarily focused on the fast approaching Tenth Class and Twelfth board exams and motivating students for the same.

PM Narendra Modi Motivates Students with Slogan Mann Ki Baat15 key Highlights
Mann Ki Baat episode of 2017

Prime minister Narendra Modi to host this episode of ‘Mann Ki Baat’ it was on the condition that the subject of the elections would not be broached. Highlighting the point, the commission had informed the Information Broadcasting Ministry, that there would be nothing in the address;“that might act as Inducement to voters.”

Mann Ki Baat: 15 Key Highlights:

  1. The Prime Minister proposes a two-minute silence for martyred soldiers at 11:00 AM on January 30th. He also congratulated all soldiers that have won awards this Republic Day.
  2. Narendra Modi asked students to research the Jawans who have won awards this Republic day and write two lines about them on social media. He further asked the youth to tag their friends to extend awareness.
  3. The Prime Minister addressed the fears of students, teachers, and parents in view of the coming exams. The Prime Minister said that the country needs to get out of the anxiousness that exams seem to generate.
  4. Saying that many students have sent across messages from all parts of the country, the Prime Minister said that exams should be a pleasure and not a pressure. It should be a festival of showing off the achievements that students have accomplished throughout the year.
  5. “I request parents to celebrate this period as a festival. Put in a team effort as a family, to generate a positive atmosphere,” said the Prime Minister. He added the slogan, “Smile more, Score more.”
  6. The Prime Minister said that exams do not test your life. They are just a test of what has been learned through the year. He said low scores are not an indication of failure in life. Modi added that exams are not a matter of life or death.
  7. Giving the example of APJ Abdul Kalam, the Prime Minister asked students whether if the former President had given up after failing to get into the NDA, he would have made such a successful scientist.
  8. “If your focus is only on marks, you will not be able to gain knowledge,” said the Prime Minister. He further asked students to introspect and go after their ambitions. If that is done, marks will follow he said.
  9. Giving the example of Sachin Tendulkar, the Prime Minister said introspection is the best way to go forward in life. Competing with oneself is the best way to push oneself forward, not competition. Highlighting the ills of comparing oneself with others, the Prime Minister said that it limits one’s capabilities of reaching greater heights.
  10. The Prime Minister said that parents and mentors play a crucial role in the success of students. He said that women in the family are particularly concerned with the performance of their children. However, he asked them to accept realities as they are. He said, “We often debate the weight of school children’s bags. I, however, feel that the weight of mentors’ expectations are more heavy for children than their bags.”
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  12. Broaching the subject of cheating in exams, the Prime Minister said, “To cheat is to be cheap. So please do not cheat.” He added that once you get used to cheating, you will never be able to reach anywhere in life. There are some people who spend their entire creativity in devising ways to cheat. If the same creativity is spent on ways to study you will have a wonderful exam, he added.
  13. “There is a life outside books,” said the Prime Minister. “If anyone says this is not the time to explore life, they are wrong. The life of a student is the best period to mold one’s life,” he expounded.
  14. Proper rest, exercise, and sleep are crucial for giving a crucial exam, said Modi. Mental relaxation is crucial for a good performance. He also asked students to look at the stars, the trees, take a deep breath, you will study with new vigor,”
  15. Narendra Modi emphasized on the role that proper sleep plays in fulfilling one’s tasks. Throwing in humor, he said, “but don’t keep sleeping all the time saying that the Prime Minister asked ou to do so. Otherwise, when your results come, your parents will only see me in their mind.”
  16. 1 February 2017, the Indian Coast Guard will complete 40 years. the Prime Minister congratulated the jawans and sailors for the achievement. 1st February is also the day of Vasant Panchami, it is a great festival. “I also extend greetings for this great festival,” Narendra Modi said.

PM Narendra Modi Motivates Students with Slogan “Mann Ki Baat” 15 key Highlights

In more than two years of ‘Mann Ki Baat’ being in existence, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has broached many issues of social, economic and political importance, seeking to generate awareness in every corner of India. In the past, some of the issues that the Narendra Modi has raised include, supporting indigenous goods, cleanliness, drug abuse, parenting, the safety of women, issues relating to girl children, farmers’ problems, employment, terrorism and demonetization among others.Apart from today, the Prime Minister has in the past two years too, tried to allay the fears of students before the commencement of the board examinations.
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