Pawan Kalyan about JanaSainiks Distributing Oxygen Cylinders


JanaSena Chief Pawan Kalyan about JanaSainiks Distributing Oxygen Cylinders, Pawan Kalyan’s birthday on September 2nd, on which day all of his fans are doing great and numerous humanitarian deeds. Here is what Pawan Kalyan had to say about such wonderful gestures by his fans and followers. JanaSena or JanaSena Party is an Indian political party in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, founded by MR. Pawan Kalyan in March 2014. JanaSena means the People’s Army in the Telugu language.

Q: September 2nd is your birthday. Usually, everyone celebrates their birthdays on a bigscale, but you stay away from all limelight. Why is that so?


Ans. Right from childhood, I used to be that way. I never used to celebrate, and there are just 1 or 2 instances where I distributed chocolates at school. Even my family members and I used to forget my birthday sometimes, and two or three days later when we used to remember, my family used to give me money, which I used to buy books.

Q. Members of Jana Sena are doing many seva events all over the states, and are distributing 341 oxygen cylinders all over AP on that day, for Corona am vs very shirus victims. What are your thoughts on this?

Ans. It is overwhelming for me to know that so many people love me the way they do and are doing such events in my honor. I am still very much in the mindset that I belong to a middle class or a lower-middle-class family, and the fact that so many people adore me is still alien to me. This is the exact way I felt when I was taken on a lorry when one of my films Suswagatham released. There were so many people who came to see me, and I was very shocked. I just feel lucky and grateful to all those people who are doing such great deeds on my birthday, and I thank God for them.

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