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Paris First Nude Restaurant Closed Due to Lack of Nude Diners


Maybe your dream to eat in the nude shall remain the fantasy, especially when the Paris First Nude Restaurant is due to draw curtains by February, this year. The latest news has caused discomfort to many aspiring, practicing and adventurous nudists around a world. However, the reason is beyond Paris First Nude Restaurant closing down of the restaurant is quite against our expectations, it is shutting down due to lack of customers. Yes, you read that right.

O’naturel, that was launched by the Mike and Stephane Saada, 43-year-old twins in 2016 wanted to rekindle intimacy among people at the food table by providing them a unique naked experience. The concept at O’naturel was to offer “the pleasure of dining naked all year in the capital in the respect of naturists values”, according to a magazine, unlike nudist beaches which only attract naturists during the summer.

The Paris First Nude Restaurant offered locker facilities at arrival, as the diners were shown changing rooms to store clothes and mobile phones. Cameras which were strictly banned in the restaurant were to be kept in the lockers. Guests were also given the pair of slippers and women could opt for the heels too, if they wished.

The Paris First Nude Restaurant visitors while talking to local media said that they will only remember “good times” and said that the experience was open to everyone. Meanwhile, the waiters at the restaurant were clothed, which people objected to and by calling against the spirit of a nudist restaurant. The one-of-a-kind dining experience opened for three years from June 2016.