Saidabad Rape Accused Pallakonda Raju Commits Suicide on Railway Track

Saidabad rape accused pallakonda raju commits suicide on railway track

The incident of a 6-year-old girl getting raped and killed at the center of Hyderabad shocked many. The latest update on this is that the Accused Pallakonda Raju Commits Suicide on Railway Track and police found his dead body on the Warangal Ghatkesar railway track at Rajaram. The Hyderabad Police verified the dead body and identified him as Raju based on the tattoo on his hand which reads as Mounika.


In fact, The police have publicized this tattoo so that the public also can identify him and give information to the police. Police have been searching for him for the past 6 days but it was difficult for them to trace him because he was not carrying any cell phone. After the clamor from the public, police announced a 10 lakh reward on him and widely publicized his photo and the tattoo on his hands. Meanwhile, the parents of the girl were asking the police to encounter him. It seems the rapist came to the conclusion that there’s no way for him to escape and committed suicide.

Police found his dead body and gave information to his family members already. DGP also confirmed that it is the dead body of only. But it is unfortunate that the police could not arrest him and produced him before the court of law last week even though the issue happened on 9th September 2021.

Pallakonda Raju Commits Suicide on Railway Track:

But the family members of the accused Pallakonda Raju were deeply shocked by the news and started blaming the police as the reason behind the death of Raju Pallakonda.

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