Oppo Foldable SmartPhone Shows Off Prototype Features Design

Oppo Foldable SmartPhone
Oppo Foldable SmartPhone

After Huawei and Samsung Foldable SmartPhones, The Oppo is likely to be the next smartphone vendor to bring a foldable phone to the market. the Oppo Vice President Brian Shen on Monday divulged the development by showcasing the Oppo Foldable SmartPhone prototype without revealing any key specifications or availability schedule.

As per the Photos posted by the Brian Shen on Weibo, the prototype of the Oppo foldable phone offers an outward-wrapped flexible display that provides two screens when folded and a single screen experience when unfolded. Oppo Foldable SmartPhone seems similar to the Huawei Mate X that offers an 8-inch display when unfolded.

Whether Oppo decides to ship this Smartphone or not, it’s clear that we’re approaching the point where the similar phones become relatively commonplace. Sure, The Samsung and Huawei can charge $2,000 and up for their Oppo first flagship foldables SmartPhones as halo devices. But tech is out of the bag now and you can expect a lot more to come soon from Chinese makers in particular.