Operation Gold Fish Review and Rating, Hit or Flop Public Talk

Operation Gold Fish Review and Rating

Operation Gold Fish Review: The patriotic drama, Operation Gold Fish is directed by Adivi Sai Kiran, has hit the theaters today on 18th October 2019. The Operation Gold Fish Telugu movie starring Aadi, Sasha Chettri, Anish Kuruvilla, Manoj Nandam, Karthik Raju, Parvateesam, Nitya Naresh, Krishnudu, Rao Ramesh, Kedar Shankar. Let’s see the Operation Gold Fish Review, Rating, Story, Hit or Flop, Public Talk

Operation Gold Fish story:

Arjun Pandit (Aadi Saikumar) is an NSG Commando who has grown up with the aim of nabbing Ghazi Baba (Abburi Ravi), who is a dreaded terrorist. Arjun Pandit nab him in a covert operation. But Ghazi declares that he will be a free bird soon. Ghazi’ gang headed by Farooq (Manoj Nandan) targets the minister’s (Rao Ramesh) daughter to save Ghazi Baba. How does Arjun Pandit end this terrorist mission form the rest of the story?


Operation Gold Fish Review:

On the whole, Operation Gold Fish is a passable patriotic drama which has a select few good moments. The setup is good but a disappointing screenplay and unnecessary scenes take away the grip from the proceedings. All those who like action-based films with patriotic feel can give this film a shot and the rest can take it easy.

Operation Gold Fish Verdict:

The patriotic drama Operation Gold Fish refers to how Kashmiri Pandits were mercilessly uprooted from their homes. The Operation Gold Fish movie also has reference to surgical strikes and removal of Article 370.