Opera Max Warns Background Data Usage By Apps On Your Android Smartphone

Opera Max, an Android app that helps you reduce your data usage across various apps and services on your phone, has been updated with a number of new features to improve its functionality. Smart Alerts are the big new feature here, and they allow you to be notified when background data usage by unused apps starts to get out of control. Additionally, the icon has been refreshed with a more crisp and modern design, as well as a few other changes. 

Opera Max Helps You Control Background Data Consumption of Apps – Opera Max App

Opera Max Helps You Control Background Data

Opera Statement about Data Drainage :

Opera states that, a major amount of amount of mobile data that we use is wasted in the background But, its updated data saving application for the Android devices i.e., Opera Max can help you to set the data limits on the data consumption in the background for apps, it also notifies the users with Smart alerts regarding the data that is consumed by any of the individual apps i.e., any app which eats up over 10MB of data in a week. These smart alerts will show up the Opera Max in the form of a card in the timeline of data usage, a card in the notification bar as well as in App management.


Major Apps that Consumes Background Data :

Opera Max, the Android app from Opera Software that helps you save on your data usage has added a new feature, the ability to warn you about background data usage. In the press release, the team starts off by quoting a survey that is conducted among current Opera Max users. According to the fact-finding survey, 30% of your mobile data is wasted by apps running in the background. According to their research, Facebook Messenger and Gmail download 73% of their total data in the background. They are followed by Google Drive, WhatsApp, and Hangouts which consume 57%, 53% and 39% of their data while being in the background. The problem is here is that most users are unaware that their data is being consumed in the background, so Opera has come to their rescue with Opera Max Smart Alerts. 
The company explained that these apps sip the background internet data for keeping up their content gets updated and also to fetch the ads amid other things. This will happen by default. But, eating up more and unnecessary data means the internet bills of yours will go more and more than what you have expected.So, the applications like Opera Max are now important to control the usage of background data consumption.