OnePlus Optimized Charging will Protect Phone from overcharging at night

OnePlus Optimized Charging Will Protect Phone From Overcharging At Night
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OnePlus Optimized Charging: OnePlus has revealed that it has been working on a pretty nifty little feature called Optimized charging for its devices. It will protect battery charging capacities and optimize battery drain rates when charged overnight while ensuring the user does not get affected in any way. The software feature will control the phones charging behavior when connected to a charger overnight. This is an extremely common behavior where users will plug in their phones and only unplug it in the morning, keeping the battery at 100% for hours.

What is OnePlus Optimized Charging:

The battery will be charged to 80% initially and suspend temporarily by using our “user sleep cycle detection” function. Your phone will start charging 100 minutes before your daily wake up time, first alarm or first event to 100% level.


This means it will stay at around 80% for most of the night, even though it is connected to the charger the whole time. The OnePlus will then finish charging and should hit 100% just as you take it off the charger to get on with your day. After a few weeks, it will learn that you consistently wake up and take your OnePlus off charge at 8 AM, for example.

How to use OnePlus Optimized Charging:

Open the setting app->tap Battery->turn on Optimized Charging to enable the feature, the phone will learn your daily routine and collect relevant data (which is stored on-device only).

When optimized charging is on active you can see this on the Battery icon. And a muted notification will be displayed in the drop-down notification to help users understand this state and to provide a toggle to end this state (resume charging). If you want your phone to charge to 100% immediately, you can disable Optimized Charging by tapping the “Continue Charging” button in the drop-down notification. _ Oneplus.