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O Pitta Katha Teaser Talk – Missing Case of Venkata Lakshmi


Watch O Pitta Katha Teaser Starring Viswant, Sanjay Rao, Nitya Shetty, Brahmaji. O Pitta Katha Telugu Movie is Directed by Chendu Muddhu and Produced by Anand Prasad. Sanjay Rao, son of Brahmaji is getting introduced as a hero with the O Pitta Katha movie. O Pitta Katha teaser was unveiled by Super Star Mahesh Babu and he wished the entire team a great success by launching the teaser.

Going into the teaser, the O Pitta Katha film is set up in a village where Venkata Lakshmi (Nitya Shetty) lives. Prabhu who is a childhood friend of Venkata Lakshmi loves her since childhood. The twist in the tale arises when Krish enters the scene. He comes to Venkata Lakshmi’s house and falls for her. When it seems to be a regular triangle love story, Venkata Lakshmi’s kidnap is what makes things interesting. Actor Brahmaji too will be seen in the role of a Police Officer.

The #OPittaKatha movie teaser is fresh and keeps the audience engaged. Feel good factor seemed to work well in the film and it is very fresh to narrate the concept of the film just like a Pitta Katha will be narrated in every household. Chendu Muddu has written and directed this flick while Bhavya Creations are the producers. They are known for producing big-budget entertainers but this time they are going with a small flick.

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