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Now You Can Sell Used Goods on Amazon India


Now You Can Sell Used Goods on Amazon India: The Amazon is extending its reach beyond the e-commerce space it has been operating in for the last twenty years to keep a grip on the growing competition. The Operations of American behemoth in the country are prominent and have recently received a hefty $300Mn funding from its parent company. Thus, it is launching another new service enabling users to sell used Goods on Amazon in India.

websites to sell items online for free Amazon just launched a Sell as Individual test service in India (specifically, Bangalore) that promises to take the headaches out of selling your old goods. The Amazon will not only list your offering but pick them up, pack them and deliver them elsewhere in your city — no awkward meet-ups or makeshift packaging here. 
How much it costs depends on what you’re selling. Amazon asks as little as 10 rupees (just under 15 cents) for every item you sell below 1,000 rupees ($15). It asks 50 rupees (73 cents) for items between 1,000 and 5,000 rupees ($15 to $73), and 100 rupees ($1.47) for anything more expensive than that.
It will enable an Amazon user to post an ad for any product, including used products and find a buyer for the same. You can post multiple ads for products you want to sell on the platform, but not in a bundled format.
Once you’re matched with a prospective buyer and the sale goes through, the company is following a ‘pick-pack-and-pay’ program. This means the sold goods will be picked up from your doorstep, packed and delivered to the buyer. And then the required payment amount will be remitted to you (either through the Amazon Pay, or bank account). Amazon India is offering cashback in user wallets as an incentive to sell your used goods on its platform.

Now You Can Sell Used Goods on Amazon India

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