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Nokia and Samsung sign patent licensing agreement for video standards

The agreement covers the use of Nokia’s inventions in video standards


Nokia announced that it has signed a patent license agreement with Samsung, which covers the use of Nokia’s innovations in video standards. Under the agreement, Samsung will make royalty payments to Nokia. The terms of the agreement remain confidential between the parties.

Over the last 30 years, Nokia has patented a number of technologies in the field of multimedia and video research, and they have also contributed to the development of multiple industry standards. These include a portfolio of Standard Essential Patents (SEPs) for the H.264/AVC standard, H.265/HEVC standard, and more. They often license these technologies to companies such as Samsung based on fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory (FRAND) terms. 

Commenting on the agreement, Jenni Lukander, President of Nokia Technologies, said: We are delighted to have reached an agreement with Samsung which further validates Nokia’s decades-long investments in R&D and contributions to multimedia and video technology standards. 

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