Nepal Bans All Indian News Channels for airing ‘False Propaganda’

Nepal Bans All Indian News Channels
Image Credit: Ibtimes

Nepal Bans All Indian News Channels: Nepal yesterday asked cable operators to block all private Indian news channels alleging the channels carrying anti-Nepal propaganda. To be noted that Indian state-run DD News is still allowed to be broadcasted in the country. that the move was in response to public complaints against “objectionable” content broadcast about Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli. This decision is effective from 9th July.

Earlier Nepal’s Information and Broadcasting Minister Yubaraj Khatiwada said, “Nepal may seek political and legal remedies and also mobilize diplomatic channels against reports of Indian media attacking Nepal’s sovereignty and dignity.”


Nepal‘s Finance Minister Yubaraj Khatiwada earlier condemned the broadcast for “character assassination”.”We request all media, including those of our neighbouring country, to not broadcast news that damages our country’s image,” he told a press briefing.

Taking this to twitter Rajdeep Sardesai tweeted “Breaking now: Nepal bans all Indian news channels except DD. Says channels running false anti-Nepal propaganda. well, some run propaganda, period”

Indian news channels have also been accused of pushing Islamophobic and anti-Muslim views in Nepal, a country with 4 percent Muslims, using the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic to cause unrest and backlash against the minority community.

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