NASA To Launch World’s Lightest Satellite Built By 7 Indian Teenagers on June 21

 Worlds Lightest Satellite Designed By 7 Indian Teenagers
NASA To Launch World’s Lightest Satellite: The seven teenagers of India have designed the world’s lightest satellite. The lightest satellite is designed as a part of the contest which is conducted by NASA in collaboration with I Doodle Learning. Also, the world’s lightest satellite is named after the former Indian President and scientist Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam as Kalam SAT.
Finally, NASA will launch the Kalam SAT made by the Indian teenagers on June 21st from the Wallops Island. The design of the lightest satellite by the seven teenagers took place on behalf of Space Kidz India which is a research organization in Chennai. Also, the launch of the satellite makes Space Kidz India feel proud about their students.
Rifath Shaarook who is 18 years old from Chennai has led the team as a lead along with six others. While the other team members are Tanishq Dwivedi, Vinay S Bhardwaj, Yagna Sai, Mohammed Abdul Kashif, Gopinath under the guidance of Dr. Srimathy Kesan, Founder & CEO of Space Kidz India. Each one of them took a different job to complete the satellite.

NASA To Launch World’s Lightest Satellite Designed By 7 Indian Teenagers This Month

The world’s lightest Kalam SAT will weigh 64 grams only. Also, it is shaped well in a 3.8 centimeters cube. Kalam SAT possess a 3D printed reinforced carbon fiber polymer. Some of the parts of Kalam SAT are from India while others are from abroad. Also, the operation of the lightest satellite will take place for 12 minutes to check the performance of Kalam SAT.
The Kalam SAT consists of a new type of onboard computer along with various sensors. The submission of Kalam Sat project took place in January, and the team has received information about the launch of the probe in April. Finally, the hard work and determination of the students to build the world’s lightest satellite are admirable.
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