Naked Nanga Nagnam Movie Online Streaming on RGV World Theatre

Watch Naked Nanga Nagnam Movie Online Streaming On RGV World Theatre

Ram Gopal Varma’s film Naked Nanga Nagnam (NNN) is all set to premiere on a mobile phone ATT app (Any Time Theatre) called Shreyas ET. With OTT platforms not making the right business now, The Naked Nanga Nagnam Movie is an erotic thriller and will be released digitally on Shreyas ET. The Naked online streaming charge for the film is Rs 200. The filmmaker took to Twitter to announce the film’s release along with a poster announcing its release date. The poster like the previously released teaser features a woman’s cleavage in focus.

The director taking to Twitter wrote, “The 22 mnts Erotic Thriller NAKED film Releasing today June 27th June 9 pm on and at 9.30 pm @theallyindia @proyuvraaj @sharanyaloui Watch Trailer.” The director had earlier shared the film’s trailer along with the hashtag NNN and wrote, ‘I’m not Rajamouli and this is not RRR’. Ram Gopal Varma’s last digital release, Climax had leaked online and we wonder if the filmmaker will be taking more precautions for this one. In another tweet, talking about the film, RGV also wrote, “NAKED is a film which takes a dark look at immorality in relationships.”


RGV says that ATT is one of the solutions for cinema. “I think the digital revolution had already started a couple of years ago and what probably would have happened to theatres two years from now, has been fast-tracked because of coronavirus.

So, as long as people need entertainment I realized that they would pay to watch films online too as they do in theatres and it worked wonderfully. That is what ATT is all about. This is just the beginning and I have planned quite a few films, which will roll out in due course. I strongly believe that in the future post the corona scenario, 70 to 80 percent of theatrical releases will directly go to OTTs and ATTs,” he begins without mincing words.

A couple of weeks ago, the trailer of his Naked Nanga Nagnam Movie (NNN) was lauded by a few people while it also came in for some severe criticism. Reacting to the latter, the director says, “It’s an erotic thriller that has debutante actress Sweety in the lead role. Our audience loves to watch erotic stories “in private” and the success of my previous film Climax is proof. Naked Nanga Nagnam Movie (NNN) is a 22-minute film that talks about shedding hypocrisy to expose the hidden emotions of every human being.

” While his previous films released at Rs 100, the viewers will have to pay double now. RGV is confident that the film will still be watched by many. “I did that because I genuinely believe the content is more relatable,” he tells us. It has been quite a few years since he visited his favorite genre, horror. With a smile he reveals, “My next film is a horror and has been titled 12 ‘O’ Clock,” he concludes.

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