Microsoft’s Bill Gates Dancing At The Windows 95 launch

Microsoft's bill gates dancing video at windows 95 launch

Past 21 years ago, amid great hype and a US$300 million marketing campaign, Microsoft launched its new operating system Windows 95.

August 24, 1995, noted one of the biggest dates for Microsoft when Windows 95 went on air. It was a picture-perfect day during Microsoft’s sprawling Redmond, Washington campus. Sadly, there was positively no amicable media that could share this extraordinary footage. The Internet was hardly accessible behind in 1995 and was roughly unfit for everybody to have it simply available.
Steve Ballmer has been famous for his performances on stage be it an eventuality launch or a small dancing and singing on stage. However, to see Microsoft’s Bill Gates shake a leg on theater along with him is a singular event. At a launch eventuality of Windows 95, 80-billion-dollar, a male was seen dancing, that we bet, Bill Gates himself would not wish to see it.
The video has been shared on YouTube and is gaining traction again as people tune in to watch Gates’ incredibly happy and awkward celebratory dance performance.To be fair, the Microsoft founder probably couldn’t hear the music over the ‘cha-ching’ sound in his head as he realized he was about to become the richest man on the planet.Gates now has a net worth of $79.2 billion (€70.1 billion).

Watch a Humorous ‘Bill Gates-Steve Ballmer’ dance here:

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