Mi Flex Phone Grip and Stand Red Launched in India for Rs.149

Mi Flex Phone Grip and Stand Red: Most of the users, while upgrading to a new phone with a bigger display, often overlook one crucial factor. A bigger screen is hard to navigate on one hand. Fortunately, there are numerous products available to give you a better grip on your phone, so that your thumb is free to roam further. cell phone holder for hand will let you watch movies, videos or browse the web comfortably on your bed.

Today, Xioami has launched Mi Flex Phone Grip and Stand in India. It comes with three adjustable settings offering multiple viewing and reading angle along with a firm grip over the phone. The MiFlex Phone Grip and Stand are made up of durable TPU material with 3M strong adhesive. This Xioami Flex Phone Grip and Stand Red make it less likely your phone is going to fly out of your hand, and it will help with selfie positioning and stability as well.

Mi Flex Phone Grip Features, Price, Review:

Mi Flex phone hand grip and stand are priced in India at Rs. 149 and come in three color options – Black, Blue, and Red. The new product is already available to buy on Mi.com. The Mi Flex acts as a phone grip but also doubles up as a stand for hands-free viewing. When not propped up for gripping, the Mi Flex lays flat, making your smartphone only slightly thicker, enabling easy slide-in into your jeans pocket.

It has got a matte finish for a more stylish look and has an ellipse-shaped design as well. The phone grip has three adjustable levels that offer multiple reading and viewing angles and a strong clasp over your phone. The multi-functional design lets you read, watch videos, get a perfect selfie, or even use it to carry an additional mug in your hand. It also helps in minimizing falls and drops, and the 3M strong adhesive is said to help it to stay put without any worry.

The MiFlex phone grip and stand are made of durable PC + TPU material that is said to offer a good non-slippery texture and better gripping. The dimensions of the MiFlex phone grip and stand are 84x25x4mm, and you can buy it from the company website. It is available in blue, black and red and comes with a matte finish as well. You can get the Xioami Flex Phone Grip and Stand from Mi.com for Rs. 149.