Metro Kathalu Movie Review and Rating

Metro Kathalu Movie Review
Metro Kathalu Movie Review

Metro Kathalu Movie Review: The Metro Kathalu movie cast Rajeev Kanakala, Gayatri Bhargavi, Sana, Bigg Boss fake Ali Reza, and Nandini Rai, Thiruvee, and Ram Maddukuri in the main lead roles. Metro Kathalu is directed by Palasa fame Karuna Kumar and produced by Allu Aravind. Watch Metro Kathalu Full Movie Online Streaming on on August 14th, 2020 and Check out Metro Kathalu Movie Review, Rating Story below:

Metro Kathalu Movie Story: The Metro Kathalu movie is dived into 4 independent sub-stories just as the tag line conveyed “One city four stories”. The sub-stories are introduced each with a title ‘Proposal, Ghatana, Selfie, and Tegalu‘. The complete concept of the movie is to portray the different stories of the middle-class families and people around the major city of Hyderabad. Where they are faced with life-altering situations and had to take a step further to make the choice which lets them push forward in their journey of life. The stories seem to have a twist but they are uncomplicated and are that we encounter in our life each day.

Metro Kathalu Movie Review and Rating 

  1. The first one is a love story set at an IT space. Chandu (Thiruveer) e-mails a love letter in Telugu to Abhi Ram (Nakshatra) and in return, she asks him to get a print out of it and propose her in person. Their story feels fresh and honest, thanks to the writing. However, it does get an abrupt end, giving you an insight into how the ‘honest lover’ Chandu thinks.
  2. Sana’s (Manjula) drunk husband is admitted to the hospital by Varun (Ali Reza), who hit him in an accident. This story is definitely an uncomfortable watch as Sana goes from slapping him for hitting her drunk husband, to expressing her grief to him and making love eventually. This chunk is just a drag to watch and whole Karuna Kumar seems to have tried to find a deeper meaning, it fails to make a mark.
  3. Supriya (Nandini Rai) is a married woman whose husband is career-oriented and stays away from her. Unhappy, she tries to get intimate with a friend when she finds out that she might be suffering from breast cancer. Watching this segment felt like the previous two segments had more clarity, which is not saying much.
  4. Abbas (Rajeev Kanakala) and Salma (Gayatri Bhargavi) are a middle-class couple. Abbas tells a story about his father and the writing has seemed to have some life in this segment. This story even has some soul and an emotional backdrop, turning out to be the best one of the lot.

Metro Kathalu Movie Verdict: Overall, Metro Kathalu is a decent watch. It touches different themes but doesn’t get into depth and stays at the surface level. Doesn’t have a fresh theme or anything surprising to offer. Except for the city, the stories are set it, it doesn’t even have a common thread to connect it.

Metro Kathalu Movie Rating: 3/5.

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