MeToo Wolf of Bollywood Web Series Season 1 Watch Online


The Ullu, a popular streaming platform, recently launched its latest offering, MeToo Wolf of Bollywood Web Series Season 1, showcasing the tale of unspoken, unrequited love, and its truth behind the shiny façade luring millions worldwide! The #MeToo Wolf of Bollywood is presented by Ullu, MeToo Wolf Web Series helmed by Producer-Filmmaker-Entrepreneur Vibhu Agarwal, in association with Falguni Shah’s Dreamz Images Studio and is directed by Deepak Pandey. (Gandi Baat 2)

A moment that would eventually storm the whole nation, #MeToo Wolf of Bollywood revolves around the protagonist Karan Mathur’s life where he feels the guilt of the sad demise of an unknown starlet named Suvarna Pashte AKA Sana, who kills herself trying to tell Karan about her sexual harassment. His marriage to Avantika Sharma and her family of city’s influential socialites shatters as he takes it upon himself to avenge Sana’s suicide.


MeToo Wolf of Bollywood Web Series Season 1

However, the big question remains that why would a calculative, sharp investment banker risk his personal and professional life, for a girl who was merely a part of his friends’ group. From a shady producer’s office, where girls perform a striptease show with music for a film role, the series forwards to workshops where astounding physical abuse in art’s name tends to be usual in the realm of theatre. Followed by glamorous parties where there is no dearth of drugs and alcohol, Karan Mathur navigates through it all, determined to catch the wrong-doer risking being caught and jailed, or worse, ending up getting killed by Sana’s perpetrators.

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