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Mandana Karimi Goes Topless


Mandana Karimi took social media by storm as she went topless for a raunchy photoshoot. The actress Mandana Karimi Goes Topless Photo shared on Instagram, and fans cannot get enough of her hotness. Mandana Karimi who often posts sizzling pictures on social media has taken the bar even higher now. The photo shows actress Mandana Karimi flaunting her curves while aesthetically covering her assets.

Actress Mandana Karimi certainly nailed the photoshoot with her extremely toned body and sensuous self. The post received a series of comments from fans, who cannot stop praising the diva’s boldness. Lately, a lot of the models and actresses do not mind posting topless pictures on social media, as they are no more scared of trolls.

Mandana Karimi was some time ago trolled after she deliberately flaunted her legs in a thigh-high slit gown at an event. Mandana Karimi was seen deliberately flaunting her toned legs to the paparazzi, and in the process, had almost suffered an oops moment. A lot of people on social media had then roasted her, accusing her of being desperate to grab attention.

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