Man Shoots Bird and Gets Instant Karma, Must-Watch Viral Video

Man shoots bird
Man Shoots Bird

Man Shoots Bird: A video is going viral on social media that shows a man getting instant karma for shooting a bird down. The six-second clip was tweeted by Susanta Nanda of the Indian Forest Services. The ‘instant karma’ incident was caught on camera in the fields of a village. In the viral video, a man with a big mustache can be seen aiming to shoot a bird with what looks like an air gun. Watch Man Shoots Bird and what happens next?.

As the man in a kurta pulls the trigger, the bullet hits the bird’s wings. But, the bird can be seen dropping towards the man. The bird hit the man right in his eyes and later he could be seen shouting in pain and covering his eye with one hand.


Meanwhile, the man who was recording the video bursts out in laughter after witnessing this. A Man Shoots Bird Viral video was captioned with the one simple word it can be described in, i.e. “Karma”.

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