Madha Full Movie Online Streaming on Amazon Prime Video

Madha Full Movie Streaming On Amazon Prime Video
Madha Full Movie Streaming on Amazon Prime Video

Watch Madha Full Movie Online Streaming on Amazon Prime Video From 8th April 2020. Madha is a Telugu language psychological thriller starring Venkat Rahul and Trishna Mukherjee. The Madha full movie released to mixed response critically on March 13th, earlier in the year. It was the last noticeable Telugu film hitting cinemas before the lockdown. (Madha Movie Review).

The Madha is a female-centric psychological thriller that revolves around a small-time proofreader, Nisha. The Madha film was bankrolled by Indira Basawa under Third Eye Productions. Madha movie has won many best feature film awards like Miami Independent film, 6th Noida film festival, Gold Winner Queen palm and more.


It all starts one night when Nisha (Trishna Mukherjee) is hanging out with friends chilling in a pub. Arjun (Venkat Rahul) is observing her gang from a distance as they are placing bets. Arjun interferes and takes Nisha’s side. Before she realizes, Arjun is dropping her home. In due course, Nisha starts to develop feelings for him. Simultaneously, Arjun is seen planning something sinister only we don’t know what it is about. What we get is, it is related to Nisha.

In another place, a marooned island, doctors are giving birth to a girl after conducting experiments. After a few weeks, Arjun decides to leave to Mumbai to pursue a career opportunity. Nisha is not entirely happy with the decision, but she has no other option. Strange things start to happen in Nisha’s life as soon as Arjun leaves.

It reaches to such an extent that she has to be admitted to a mental asylum after a psychiatrist evaluation. What happens there is the crux of the story. Srividya Basava directs the movie, which also marks her debut. Anish Kuruvilla, Bikramjit Kanwarpal play other crucial parts. Prashanth Sagar Atluri wrote the movie produced by Indira Baswa.

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