LOL Salaam Web Series Review: A Youthful Comedy Entertainer

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Lol salaam web series review
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Lol Salaam Web Series directed by Nanni Bandreddi generated interest with its promotions. Lol Salaam on Zee5 starring Sandeep Bharadwaj, Harsha Vardhan, Vasu Inturi, Kivish Kautilya, Padmini Settam has streaming now on the Zee5 OTT platform. Let’s see LOL Salaam Web Series Review, Rating, Story, Verdict.

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LOL Salaam Web Series Story:

John (Bharadwaj), Reddy (Kivish Kautilya), Varma (Rohit Krishna Varma), Khan (Srinivas Rami Reddy), and Naidu (Darahas Maturu), are five best friends who are roommates who go on a picnic. They prefer an unlikely place, a jungle, to have fun. At least do they know that the forest is made dangerous by the presence of Naxals. When Reddy inadvertently steps on a landmine, all hell breaks loose. He has to be saved overnight. What his friends do next and face more headaches in the process, is what the rest of the LOL Salaam Telugu web series is all about.

LOL Salaam Web Series Review:

Director Naani Bandreddi takes his subject matter too lightly to the life-threatening situation, ‘LOL Salaam’ is too much mocking LOL and has too little salaam-worthy content. The issue with a light-veined premise and a half-funny and half-serious, plot like this one is that the series becomes too dreary if the comic tonic dries up and the hilarity becomes stale in ‘LOL Salaam’ right after the two episodes. 

LOL Salaam Cast Performances:

Srinivas Reddy, Bharadwaj, Pavan Kumar, Darahas Mathur, and Rohit Krishna Varma are made to lose themselves in the chaotic screenplay. Kivish Kautilya as Reddy shows some promise. Actor Harshavardhan plays a politician who wants to set a forest on fire and He is a miscast at best. Praveena, Padmini Settam, Gayathri, hardly create any impact.

LOL Salaam Web Series Verdict:

Overall, Lol Saalam is a youthful comedy entertainer with a Forest backdrop, watch with some over-the-top performances, Streaming on Zee5.

LOL Salaam Web Series Rating: 2/5.

LOL Salaam Review
LOL Salaam Web Series Review: A Youthful Comedy Entertainer

Director: Nanni Bandreddi

Date Created: 2021-06-26 00:30

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