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Life Anubavinchu Raja Movie Review and Rating


Life Anubavinchu Raja Review and Rating: Life Anubhavinchu Raja is a romantic entertainer movie directed by Suresh Thirumur and produced by Raja Reddy Kandala. Life Anubavinchu Raja cast includes Raviteja, Sravani Nikki and Shruti Shetty are in the main lead roles while Ram scored the music. Life Anubavinchu Raja is a romantic comedy that tells the story of a man who loses everything and decides to become a saint and search for the purpose of his life.

Life Anubavinchu Raja Movie Story: Raja (Raviteja) is a youngster with the tendency to fail at everything, including love. So his plan is to don the saffron robes and migrate to the Himalayas. Here, he meets Shreya (Shruti Shetty) and falls in love yet again. How he becomes a millionaire by selling water is what the Life Anubavinchu Raja film is all about.

Life Anubavinchu Raja Movie Review: The meaningless story-line mentioned above tells how pathetic the film really is. Right from the get-go, the Life Anubavinchu Raja film is a hard watch. Director Suresh Tirmur clearly tried to make an exotic cocktail, unfortunately, it’s a terrible drink. Life Anubavinchu Raja story is silly, the screenplay is convulsed and performances are…the less said about that the better.

Life Anubavinchu Raja Verdict: Overall, Life Anubhavinchu Raja is a contrived film that is neither funny nor engaging. The story, narration, and scenes are so routine that you might have seen them in many films before.

Life Anubavinchu Raja Rating: 2/5.

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