Laxmii Movie Review and Rating

Laxmii is an over-the-top A Transgender Ghost Makes This Horror Comedy A Laugh Riot

Laxmii movie review and rating
Laxmii Movie Review and Rating

Laxmii Movie Review: Akshay Kumar and Kiara Advani starrer Laxmii Movie released on Disney+ Hotstar. Laxmii Hindi Horror Movie is the remake of the Tamil movie Kanchana. Laxmii Movie has had its share of trouble and is now set for a direct-to-OTT release on Disney+Hotstar along with five other films. Let’s See Laxmii Movie Review, Rating, Story.


Laxmii Movie Story:

Laxmii Story about Rashmi (Kiara Advani) marries Asif (Akshay Kumar) who is a Muslim. This does not go well with her parents and they keep the couple away. But, after a while, the couple somehow reaches Rasmi’s house to seek forgiveness. Meanwhile, there is an empty ground beside Rashmi’s house which many say is haunted.

Upon arrival, Asif breaks the myth and plays cricket on that ground. Things take a U-turn from there and the evil spirit enters Asif’s body as Laxmii. Who is this Laxmii? Why did she enter Asif’s body? and what is the back story? To know all this, you need to watch Watch Laxmii Full Movie Online in HD Streaming Now on Disney+ Hotstar.

Laxmii Movie Review and Rating:

Director Raghava Lawrence’s channels the fear well in the first few minutes as he establishes the Laxmii movie. His gripping storytelling takes you to the heart of the drama in no time. Laxmii is, which has a superb hold up towards the climax, what with the last 40 minutes turning out to be the best part of this horror film which has drama being even better than the comedy factor that was inherent to the narrative. Yes, the lighter moments work too, especially the ones featuring Akshay Kumar. However, it’s the coming together of the horror and drama portions which turns out to be the key strength of the film.

Laxmii Movie Verdict:

OverAll, Laxmii is an over-the-top A Transgender Ghost Makes This Horror Comedy A Laugh Riot that has been the perfect bomb for Diwali. Those who have watched the original can take it easy but for those who haven’t, Akshay Kumar’s solid performance as A Transgender Ghost is the only solace and give this film a shot only for him.

Laxmii Movie Rating: 3/5.

Laxmii Movie Rating
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