Lalettante ichakka Short Film A Tribute to Mammookka & Lalettan


Some messages are best conveyed through a short medium and ‘Lalettante Ichakka’ is one such a short film Written and directed by Shibin Muhammed, the light-hearted Lalettante ichakka short film contains some important messages in these times of the social media trolling. The Lalettante ichakka Short Film has an important message for the followers of Mammootty and Mohanlal.


It is about a set of hardcore film buffs who are fans of the two superstars of the Malayalam film industry. With nothing to do to while away their time, the two groups of fans argue, each teasing the other. With such fans who demean one superstar to praise the other, the significance of the good work done by the “real fans” is lost, the Lalettante ichakka Short Film says.

Actor Unni Mukundan, who unveiled the film, said it “captures the essence of the passion and love we have for cinema”. Set against the backdrop of a youth arts club, it portrays a pointless argument between two bunches of fans of the two Malayalam superstars. While they are ‘trolling’ the stars, they could, in fact, be talking about anybody. The film ends on a comic note after a sane voice tries to talk sense to the fans.

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