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Kobbari Matta Movie Streaming Now on Amazon Prime Video


Watch Sampoornesh Babu’s Kobbari Matta Movie Streaming Now on Amazon Prime Video, KobbariMatta Movie is about The village head Peddarayudu (Smapoornesh Babu) lives with his big family of three wives, four brothers, and many sisters. A good Samaritan, he and his family are known for their relationship and affection. Conflict arises when Android, a look-alike of Peddaryudu, claims he is the family heir and demands a share in the property.

Kobbari Matta means a coconut frond and the tagline ‘leaves of a family man’ indicates the protagonist’s innumerable family members and their progeny. The spoof action comedy film stars Burning Star Sampoornesh Babu in three generations – Paparayudu, Pedarayudu, and Androyudu. Kobbari Matta is Directed by Rupak Ronaldson, Steven Shankar has written the story, dialogues, and screenplay for the film. Kobbari Matta Telugu Movie also stars Ishika Singh, Shakeela, Mahesh Kathi, Gayathri Gupta and more.

Kobbari Matta Telugu Movie 2019 is an out and out comedy caper which will only thrill Sampoornesh Babu’s fans. But the regular audience will find it difficult to digest as it has no logic and seriousness. These films are made for sheer entertainment so watch them with that intent and Sampoonesh Babu will not disappoint you at all.

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