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Kiara Advani At Parachute Advansed Crème Oil Launch Event


Kiara Advani At Parachute Advansed Crème Oil Launch Event on Thursday with her long, dark hair intact. She was seen in a blue dress, posing next to a large bottle of hair oil. Kiara Advani had earlier shared a video on her Instagram stories before heading to the event. In it, she is seen with her hair still rolled up, maintaining the secrecy around it. The actor had shared a video on Tuesday that showed her chopping off her hair after getting frustrated with their condition. It has now been revealed that she was wearing a wig in the video, staged for a hair oil brand’s promotion.

Parachute Advansed Coconut Crème Oil is a one-stop-solution for the multitasker millennials who want to follow traditions like oiling their hair but don’t have the time to fit it into their busy lives. Parachute Advansed Crème Oil brings back the wonders of oiling through a new age format that not only gives the strength of coconut oil and but the softness of coconut milk. The pre-wash hair nourisher comes in a delightfully light velvety crème oil format which is easy to apply and gives 100% nourishment of oiling effortlessly in just thirty mins. Being so lightweight, crème oil is quick to absorb and washes off easily in just 1 shampoo wash making it convenient to use even with a busy hectic schedule.

At the launch event, Kiara Advani went on to groove to rap and expressed her happiness upon finding #OilKaNayaAvatar that fits perfectly in her schedule and lets her stay #RootedMyWay. Kiara Advani revealed her long and beautiful hair after her hair chopping prank on social media. Echoing every millennial’s plea for a quick and effortless hair care solution, a couple of other actresses like Rhea Chakraborty also agreed with Kiara that they needed a new age solution for their hair care woes.

Kiara Advani At Parachute Advansed Crème Oil Launch Event

Addressing to media persons about her hair care regime Kiara Advani said “My hectic work schedule and the lack of time have left me with no such thing as a hair care regime. Things that were fundamentally good for my hair, like oiling, are now getting more difficult to stick to as a routine. Parachute Advansed Coconut Crème Oil has truly turned out to be #OilKaNayaAvatar. The crème oil is so quick to absorb and requires only 30 minutes of application, which gives me the freedom to go about my day-to-day activities without having to oil my hair overnight. While I have always managed to find modern solutions to other traditions, oiling was always an elusive one. Not anymore!”

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