Kabali Movie Inspired or Copied From Hollywood Taken Movie?

The Rajinikanth’s Kabali Movie directed Pa Ranjith, has been buzzing tremendously ever since the project was announced. The film, which is said to be a gangster flick, also stars Bollywood beauty Radhika Apte. 
While the fans in Malaysia are going gaga over Rajinikanth, where he is shooting for Kabali, there have been lots of speculations about the plot of the film. Till now all we know is that Rajinikanth is playing an ageing gangster called Kabali, Radhika Apte plays his wife and Dhaniskaa is playing his tom boyish daughter.

Kabali Movie Copied of Taken Movie?

Now we have stumbled upon some more goss about Kabali’s story plot. A little birdie tells us that in Kabali, Rajinikanth will not have any romantic scenes. Instead he would be seen as a retired gangster, who is forced to return to the abyss of underworld when his daughter is kidnapped. How he finds his daughter and what all hurdles he has to cross to find her forms the crux of the story. The film world is revolving round about the film being a copy of Taken film.

The Hollywood’s hit movie “Taken” acted by the actor Neeson has got many resembling scenes of Kabali movie. The story line matches a lot similar to that of the English movie. The Bilingual movie in Tamil and Telugu is in the news for making the copy of the English movie. The look of Superstar Rajinikanth is also compared to that of Neeson’s look in that movie. However, no clarifications or comments have been given or made for this buzz.
The Gossips also say that the same story has been streamlined according to the Indian mentality and Rajinikanth’s fans. But it is not completely verified by any critics and hence remains as a gossip for the moment.The English movie “Taken” has stood as a career best for the actor Neeson which made him an action star. With the success of “Taken” there has been a series of sequels – “Taken 2” and subsequently “Taken 3
The Kabali film also seems to become the biggest hit in the Indian film industry. The expectations as of now regarding the movie says that it might be one of the biggest block-busters in Indian Cinema. The Kabali movie official Posters and Kabali Official Theatrical Trailer have created a thunder in the social media. Many records have been broken. The most viewed trailer and the teaser is Kabali from Youtube.
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