Johaar Movie Review and Rating

Johaar Movie Review And Rating
Johaar Movie Review And Rating

Director Teja Marni’s Johaar Movie Review and Ratings get positive talk from audiences and Crtices. Johaar Movie Cast Chaitanya Krishna, Naina Ganguly, Esther Anil, Ankith Koyya, Easwari Rao, Subhalekha Sudhakar, CVL, and others and Written and directed by Teja Marni. However, with the current OTT in full swing, efforts are being made to bring this film to the forefront of the audience. Watch Johaar Full Movie Online Streaming on AHA from August 14th and Check out Johaar Movie Review, Rating, Story:


Johaar Movie Story: The lives of an aspiring sprinter Bala (Naina Ganguly), students rights leader Bose (Subhaleka Sudhakar), a depressed mother Gangamma (Eshwari Rao), and a prostitute Jyothi (Esther Anil) take unforeseen turns after the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh Vijay Varma (Chaitanya Krishna) decides to erect a huge statue of his father. How does the chief minister’s decision affect their lives? What are its consequences and how does it impact the state? You might have to watch the film to know the answers.

Johaar Movie Review and Rating:

The way the story is led by tying all four stories to one point is amazing. Emotions are the main strength of this film. The way the director Teja Marni combined those four stories into the main story is great. The emotions in each story matured well. The social message given by this movie connects well to the audience. The director Teja Marni has made ‘Johaar’ a satirical and emotional political drama that takes on the most important aspect of current politics. They have shown how politicians deceive the people for their selfishness and for their growth.

The main strength of this film is the story. Director Teja Marni wrote the story very well. However, the story in the second half is a bit slow minus. The second half is not as impressive as the first half. In addition, some of the bold scenes and dialogues in Fastoff embarrass the family audience. However, after watching the movie, you get the feeling of seeing a good movie. Along with the story, the cast was also a major force in the film. Director Teja Marni was 100% successful in casting.

Johaar Movie Cast Performance: Actors Chaitanya Krishna as the young CM, Ishwari Rao as the poor farmer, Shubhalekha Sudhakar as the freedom fighter, Esther as the athlete, Ankit Koya and Rohini as the journalist effectively played their roles. Every character in the film is one hundred percent successful in cultivating emotions. Each actor excelled in their role. Ishwari Rao’s role as a victim of the Uddana kidney problem is remembered. Doing so touches the heart of each character.

Johaar Movie Verdict: Overall, Johaar a satirical and emotional political drama that takes on the most important aspect of current politics and Cheat on some politicians who are playing with people’s lives in the name of the statues. A good film watch over the weekend.

Johaar Movie Rating: 3/5.

Johar Movie Rating
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