JL 50 Review – ‘Desi’ sci-fi takes flight

Jl 50 Review And Rating
Jl 50 Review

JL 50 Review: JL 50 Starring Abhay Deol, Pankaj Kapur, Piyush Mishra, Rajesh Sharma, Ritika Anand and Directed by Shailender Vyas. JL50 web series comes as a happy reminder of the fact that Indian OTT is moving into areas where our mainstream storytelling normally never ventured before. The JL50 web series is positioned as a sci-fi thriller. You spot themes and subtexts that would vaguely remind you of a zillion time travel tales in Hollywood, though writer and director Shailender Vyas has come up with a story that is by and large original.


JL 50 Story: A passenger plane crashes somewhere in the mountains of West Bengal and it turns out the flight, JL 50, is actually one that had disappeared 35 years ago. As the CBI officer in charge of the probe sets out to solve the puzzle, he realizes there is little to doubt the validity of the bizarre accident, or its two survivors. a story so fantastical that it would seem implausible to the most liberal of thinkers unravels before him. And to discover the truth, he must set off on a journey that seems straight out of the pages of a science fiction fantasy.

JL 50 Review: At its core, JL 50 is a science fiction thriller, borrowing its story idea from numerous sources — some facts, some from hit movies of the bygone century. It is quite apparent that writer-director Shailendar Vyas has taken inspiration from the real-life disappearance of the Malaysian Airlines flight MH 370, plucked a few ideas from the seminal hit, Back To The Future, and stitched together a movie in the realm of science fiction and time travel, perfectly explained and executed, is difficult to pull off convincingly. It is why Christopher Nolan’s movies are so confusing and difficult to comprehend. Watch JL 50 Online Streaming on SonyLIV.

JL 50 Rating: 3/5.

JL 50 Rating
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