JioTag Air: How JioTag Air Works and Why You Need to Buy

Do you forget things like your wallet, keys, luggage, etc.? Here is the JioTag Air. Tag it, track it—anywhere!

Jiotag air

Reliance Jio always advances its technology to another level. We all know Apple has launched AirTag in 2020. It supports Apple products only. So after 4 years, Jio has launched a tracking device similar to the Apple AirTag. It is named JioTag Air. Read the article, and you will get clarity on questions like What is JioTag Air, How JioTag Air works, What are the benefits of JioTag Air, the price of Jio Tag Air, and other features. Read on!

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What is JioTag Air?

JioTag Air is a Bluetooth device to track your personal belongings. It is just a tag with a chip installed in it. People often forget personal belongings like wallets, bags, backpacks, and luggage. It is difficult for people to locate their vehicles when they park their vehicles at any shopping mall. For all of these problems, only one solution is JioTag Air. You just tag this to your belongings and can find it easily after connecting the tag to your phone via Bluetooth.

JioTag Air Specifications:

Weight and dimensions: Jio Tag Air weighs 10 grams. Its dimensions are 38 mm x 38 mm x 7 mm. 

Design: square-shaped with round corners. It looks sleek and small.  You get a lanyard along with it.

Connectivity: supports Bluetooth 5.3. 

Battery life: It comes with 2 years of battery life.

JioTag Air Features:

  • It supports the Jio Community Find network.
  • It updates the last connected location.
  • Lost mode feature to locate the tag.
  • It has a feature to ring to find the tag.
  • It has a feature to ring to find the phone (a press button is given on the tag).
  • It will update the disconnection alert on the phone.
  • Set a silent region to stop the alarm.
  • It will update the reconnection alert on the phone.
  • It has a feature that gives a disconnection alert on Tag.

The only negative feature of JioTag Air is that it only allows one person to connect to one phone at a time.

The Key Highlights of JioTag Air?

  • It is available in grey, blue, and red colours.
  • It supports Apple’s Find My Network feature.
  • Available on Amazon, Jiomart, and Reliance Digital.
  • A loud sound alarm of 90–120 decibels.

How useful is AirTag in India?

It comes with a low price of Rs 1499 as the launch offer. Apple’s AirTag is Rs 3999. So for a larger market like India, a tracker that supports Apple’s Find My Network and comes at a low price is a big plus point for Indians. 

How JioTag Air works?

You can track keys, wallets, backpacks, packages, luggage, vehicles, pets, and even people (for safety). It connects to nearby devices through Bluetooth 5.3 and is compatible with iOS and Android.

What is the Benefit of JioTag Air?

There are many benefits to Jio Tag Air. It works in 3 modes.

Find Mode: Gives turn-by-turn directions to help you track and find the item.

Remind Mode: You’ll be reminded if you are leaving your things behind.

Lost Mode: Take help from millions of Apple device users to locate.

Jiotag air specifications

How to use JioTag Air?

  • If you are outside the Bluetooth range, it finds your location through JioThings and Apple’s Find My Network.
  • Only one person can be connected to Jio Tag Air at one time.
  • Sign in to the JioThings app or Apple’s Find My platform to locate you. 
  • Then, you can set an alarm of 90–120 decibels. 
  • It will update your last updated location and directions to it.
  • You will get an alert on Jiothings, Find My Network App whenever the lost device is spotted.
  • You get a disconnection alert if the device is out of Bluetooth range.

How far can JioTag Air track?

It will track up to 20 meters indoors and 50 meters outdoors with Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity.

What is the Difference Between Apple AirTag Vs JioTag and JioTag Air:


Apple Air Tag

Jio Tag

JioTag Air


Rs 3490

Rs 749

Rs 1499


Round-shaped and sleek

Square-shaped with round corners and sleek

Square-shaped with round corners and sleek


Bluetooth low energy and Ultra Wide Band (UWB)

Bluetooth 5.1 and GPS

Bluetooth 5.3 and GPS


10 meters

10 – 30 meters

20 meters indoors and 50 meters outdoors

Battery Life

Coin cell type and lasts one year

Rechargeable battery with a year warranty

Rechargeable with 2 year warranty


Lost mode for anti-theft

Lost mode

Find mode – for tracking,

Lost mode – Anti-theft,

Remind mode – to remind

JioTag Air Price in India and Availability

The JioTag Air is priced at a lunched price of Rs 1,499 in India. This is a competitive price compared to other Bluetooth trackers in the market. You can purchase it from JioMart, Reliance Digital, and Amazon.


The JioTag Air is a great option for anyone looking for an affordable and reliable way to track their belongings. With a simple setup process and long battery life, the JioTag Air will make your everyday life fuss-free!

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